Нарезанное мясо



Best Pork Meat
from Russia

We present for you the best pork products from Russia. 
Production capacity - 180 thousand tons of finished products per year. The range includes more than 200 types pork products of industrial and consumer .

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Quality and Environmentally Friendly
Products .

We pay special attention to biosecurity, veterinary control and environmental compliance of our products.The quality and safety of products fully comply with the standards and requirements established in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, and are confirmed by all the necessary accompanying documentation.

Export Pork Meat

The capacity for one-time storage of chilled and frozen pig meat is more than 3 thousand tons. Automated acceptance and shipment control systems allow the company's own logistics department to process customer orders in a short time frame. Our company are certified for delivery pork products to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Eurasian Economic Union Countries,  Philippines.

Грузовое судно
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 Moscow , Russia

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